Power outages can happen anywhere, and unless people have a generator they’re stuck with no power until the electric company manages to solve the problem that caused the outage. In some cases this can take days or weeks. Having a generator allows people to run at least some of their appliances and items powered by electricity. The question then becomes, which type of generator is best?

People who don’t want to store fuel at home may want to go with a solar-powered generator such as the Patriot Power Generator. This is especially the case if they don’t need a large amount of power at any given time, as solar powered generators store power in batteries to be used later, and appliances only take the amount of energy they need from the battery. For fuel-based generators, the generator uses the same amount of fuel no matter how much power is actually being used. Once people run out of fuel, they’re out of power again until the get more. With a solar-powered generator, all they need to do is stick the solar grid out in the sun to start charging up the batteries again once they run out. Of course this doesn’t work if the weather is bad and there isn’t any sunlight.

The patriot power generator 1500 reviews tend to be very favorable, with the main concerns noted being that more instructions would be nice to have so people will know for sure they are doing everything right, although any questions can be answered with a quick call to customer service. This unit isn’t powerful enough to run everything in your house, but can help with some of the basics and is portable, meaning it can also power items on road trips or when camping.

Current users also note that the generator is nice and quiet, which is ideal for places where the loud noises produced by some gas generators aren’t allowed, including some campgrounds. Another potential issue is that the generator does not charge all the way with sun alone, which wasn’t made clear in the sales materials customers saw. These are all relatively minor issues, with most customers still giving 4 or 5 star reviews.